At Juniper, we provide an experience.

(1/20/17) At Juniper Communities we know that everything we do together must Nurture the spirit of life. Our lives are not products, as some senior living providers contend, they are a mélange of experiences that come together in a personal way to make each of us the individual that we are.

At Juniper, it is our dedicated and incredible team of Associates that enhance the life-affirming experiences of each of our residents. It is these committed and enthusiastic people who listen, understand and engage in activities and the meaningful relationships that foster healthy bodies, engaged minds and fulfilled spirits. It is our people who go “above and beyond” to do whatever it takes to deliver a personalized experience so that the lives of each of our residents feel full and complete.

Here are the stories that illuminate the behaviors that reflect our values, the values that make the Juniper Experience possible.