The Spearly Team: We’re Moving On Up!

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Community: Spearly Center

Submitted by: Sue Pappas

Nominee Name: The Spearly Team

It was a crisp, fall morning and most Coloradoans were
just waking up to their morning coffee, but not the team at Juniper
Village The Spearly Center. Despite the early hour the team was
already busily working to pull off an unimaginable feat. This was the
day that residents from two different neighborhoods were switching
places. This was the day that came to be known as Transition Day.
Transition Day was over a year in the making, but there is no better
example of collaboration for the common good than the actual day of
the move.
The day began early with a full team on board, including paid staff,
family members, representatives from contracted and community
agencies, multiple volunteers, and eager residents. The
administrative associates were the thread of organization that assured
the move was cohesive throughout the day. The connections associates
had secured an off-site location for activities to occur. This helped
ease the transition for so many residents who have a difficult time
with change and commotion. The dietary team prepared refreshments and
meals to be available to those residents who chose to spend the day
away from home. They also made sure the team and residents who
assisted with the transition stayed well-nourished. One resident even
commented that it was comforting to see the Administrator throughout
the day as she made frequent visits with the refreshment cart and
provided comedic relief. Unbeknownst to many Transition Day was the
vision and hope of the Administrator for almost four years. The
nursing team worked to ensure that all treatments and medications
would be given on time, and they were integral in helping calm
residents as they moved to their new rooms. The environmental
services team was ready with extra cleaning supplies for each of the
rooms to be deep cleaned before the new residents arrived. They were
also there to help with important details like cable TV, room
furniture adjustments, and hanging beloved pictures in just the right
spot. The social services team welcomed residents home by spending
one-on-one time with them to unpack their clothing, find a place for
their special trinkets, and reassure them that they were doing a great
job through this transition. Most importantly the residents worked to
be positive, patient, and thankful for the opportunity to continue to
improve their home.
By the end of the day 86 residents had new rooms in new neighborhoods.
Each resident was fully unpacked and most of the environment was back
to normal. There is no question that true collaboration was the main
ingredient to success on that day. In fact, each day at Juniper
Village The Spearly Center we find ways to collaborate with our teams,
residents, families, and community to continue moving up and on to
bigger and better things in life.

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