Planning the work … working the plan

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Community: Cape Coral and Naples

Submitted by: Jennifer Harris

Nominee: Brenda Ortiz

Brenda, Executive Director at Juniper Village at Cape Coral, walks the talk when it comes to the Juniper Culture. Specifically, she is a wonderful leader and shows others how “We are Accountable for Results”. Most recently, she diligently worked with her team to develop a plan to reach the goal of growing her community’s census. She made excellent use of the resources available, developed a plan that was clearly defined and goal focused, empowered and encouraged her team, and did so without blinking an eye. She understood that as an important member of the Juniper Team, being accountable meant being able to show the desired results as quickly as possible. She was able to do that, and she will be the first one to tell you that she could not have done so without the hard work of her entire team…together they successfully reached that sought out goal. During all of their efforts, she made sure that her team was responsible with Juniper resources, and made sure that ads were presented the way they were intended. On one occasion, she noticed that a bus stop sign/ad was not placed in the location that was requested, she made sure that the problem was corrected and the ad was relocated to the best and most ideal spot to be seen…not with power lines as a back drop of the bench ad.

It seems most appropriate to note that during the months of focused efforts to grow her communities’ census, she was also providing on-site support to our Naples community. Once again, Brenda stepped up to the plate without hesitation. She extended her responsibility 45 minutes away from her location, providing the same level of oversight as the Executive Director to both locations at the same time. She was more than just a presence in her sister community. She understood the importance of considering all stakeholders at all junctures, and to critically think through issues that could arise with any change of condition for residents, changes in partnerships, or change in associates. Brenda always seems to be strategically thinking, one step ahead, looking at what solutions will be possible to issues that might arise. She likes to have a plan, and to then work the plan. Being able to have this mindset allows her and her team to proactively anticipate possible problems and take the appropriate actions, providing stakeholders a sense of satisfaction. Brenda does not stop here with any issue. She makes the time to follow up with specific issues that are under her responsibility. She makes necessary phone calls, holds important conversations, and ensures that she does it all with love, care, compassion, and a smile on her face. Ultimately, Brenda beautiful diligence allows her to reap the benefits of feeling the satisfaction of reaching goals for which she knows are important to reach.

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