It Takes a Village!

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Community:  Mount Joy

Submitted by:  Alyssa Williams

Department:  Wellness and Business Office

We have a resident who suffers from episodes where she collapses and loses partial-consciousness, and it was during one such episode in which we came upon her being held up by outside volunteers at our Oasis Station. The ladies, visiting from a church, allowed one of us to take over and  support her as another team member radioed for assistance. Help arrived quickly, and we all worked together to care for her. In her fall, the resident had pinned a trash receptacle under her leg. Theresa checked her leg for injuries while our Director of Wellness, Veronica cleaned up her spilled drink to avoid any slipping, and a member of our Wellness Team, Lisa, checked her vitals and stuck by her as she came out of her episode.  Our resident had also spilled her drink on herself during her fall, so we all assisted to get her freshened up.

 After the incident, the ladies from the church approached Theresa.  They asked what happened, if our resident was okay, and what her position was at Juniper Village at Mount Joy. Theresa couldn’t disclose any information about our resident, but did tell them that she is the Business Office Manager. The women were very surprised by Theresa’s knowledge and caring response to the situation. They continued to explain that they had visited many communities and have never seen the sort of compassion and care we provided.  They stated that at other communities, they felt that the staff treat residents like they are duties and their needs are tasks they fulfill. In return, we explained that this is our residents’ home and we become their family, so we care about their well being and happiness. The ladies said that ours was a different and beautiful community, and that our associates truly care and have passion for what they do. We thanked them and told them that yes, we are very lucky!

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