Move In Day!

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Community:  Mount Joy

Submitted by:  Debra Miller

Department:  Leadership

Nominee name:  Mary Main

As we all know moving can be a traumatic experience for anyone but especially if you lived in your  home for over 40 years. It took a lot for our one resident to get here last week. A lot of planning and a lot of talking her through what to bring and what not to bring.  Her son was calm through it all but what Lydia was most worried about is that she had food on moving day to feed her people from the church who were helping her move and how would they warm it up once they got there?  Mark her son was expecting the movers at 5:30pm which would put Lydia coming at about 7:30pm in the evening. I asked Mary if shewould call Mark and see if Lydia could come earlier since she was stressing. With that said Mary called and Mark was grateful that she could come sooner then later. He told Mary it would free him up to get things moving quicker.

So Mary picked up Lydia and helped her pack some of her personal belongings, she brought her to Juniper Village with her crockpot of beef bbq for her helpers. When they arrived Mary made sure Lydia had an appointment with the hairstylist, introduced her to some other ladies to have lunch with and set up a table in our lounge with the crockpot full of bbq to be served later to her helpers, which was MOST important! Lydia was just tickled pink with Mary and the whole team’s hospitality.

When I called Mark the next day to see how things were going he was so happy how everything turned out.   Mark told me his Mom is happy and her cat Snowball had a great first night as well.


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