Our Residents Love Us! We are United! We are a Team!

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Community: Chatham

Submitted by: Linda Prescott

Department: Business Office

Nominee: Christine All Bellofatto

At times individuals working as concierge, did not complete assignments which created problems for the next concierge. The concierge that followed had to complete the undone tasks along with their required duties. This sometimes resulted in the concierge that stepped in having to stay beyond the time his or her shift ended. It is understood that we all may have situations that arise that create a need for schedule changes due to an emergency.  If assignments cannot be completed our Director is notified and she makes the decision as to how and who will complete the task. Our Director started having monthly meetings. Issues and workloads are discussed, and projects are given out. A monthly concierge schedule is prepared. Concierge’s will take turns working holidays so the same person will not have to work same holiday each year. Vacation days and time off were discussed. When an unplanned day is needed it is up to the concierge to find a replacement and inform the Director. A revised calendar is prepared and given to the Leadership team.

By the Director listening to our concerns and taking action we feel strong; we feel good; and we feel confident in the job we do. We have an excellent rapport with each other due to these monthly meetings. Our Director instills confidence that we can turn to her without hesitation at anytime WE LIVE THE JUNIPER CREED

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