Carol and Mari-Caroll to the Rescue!

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Community: Williamstown

Submitted by: Mary Jane Eicke

Department: Connections

Nominee names: Carol Burg and Mari-Carroll Weidner

Our concierge had an extremely serious car accident several weeks ago. When Carol was called by Ronnie, she immediately ran from her bed to Ronnie’s home, to take care of her beloved dog, Gunner. This alleviated some of Ronnie’s concerns during this difficult time. Carol cared for the dog during the night and brought Gunner into our community the following morning. At that time Mari-Carroll was able to take Gunner to be at home with her dogs, until Ronnie was feeling better. In the mean time, Mari Carroll took Gunner to visit Ronnie, which made her feel much better seeing her beloved pet until her health was restored.
It was heartwarming to witness how our staff not only care for our residents, but for their team members. I was so proud to see this caring nature demonstrated by my team at Juniper Village.
All of us at Juniper Village in Williamstown are proud to have these people a part of our Juniper Family.

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