Many Hands Make Light Work!

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Community: Chatham

Submitted by: Christine Bellofatto

Department: Business Office

Nominees: Barbara Gee, Linda Prescott, Janet Thomas-Gauntlett

I (our Director of Community Relations) was on vacation. Barbara was covering while I was away, and it was her first time doing move-in paper work for the Executive Director to review. Linda, who keeps all the forms for me, and Janet were meeting at the building in order to go out for dinner together. They saw Barbara, and decided to skip dinner in order to assist her on their own time. The paper work was not in the proper order, so it took much time, copying and checking for most current dates, to ensure that the forms would be in compliance with state regulatory standards without any delay for the resident or the family in regards to the move-in. It gave me great pride to know that I have a team that while I am away will step up and work together, even on off-hours, to ensure that a new resident move-in is smooth without flaws by helping Joann in this endeavor.

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