Nepal Earthquake Hits Home

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Community: Louisville

Submitted by: Patty Orlowski

Department: Wellness

Nominee: Kiran Adhikari

Kiran, one of our wonderful nurses, is a native of Nepal.  He had planned a vacation to Nepal to see his family prior to the devastating earthquakes. After the earthquakes, he was speaking to a Juniper resident family member and explained how he was planning to take supplies to help in the relief efforts. The resident family member was also planning a trip to Nepal at the same time for the sole purpose of helping in the relief efforts after the earthquakes. Kiran and his family invited the resident family member to their home in Nepal. Additionally, Kiran solicited help and supplies from a number of our other resident family members and our Partners in Caring. For instance, Kiran was able to get over 5000 pairs of gloves donated from one of our medical supply companies. Ultimately, Kiran and the family member worked together in the relief effort on-site in Nepal, where they were able to spread some needed care to those affected by the devastation, and even shared in celebration of the life still thriving in the face of suffering.

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