Showing the Way

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Community: Brookline

Submitted by: Missy Ebner

Department: Leadership

Nominee: Liz Plozner-Chalfa

At a recent visit to Brookline Wellspring in State College, when walking the community with Liz, I watched her address the needs of a few residents. In some cases, the resident wasn’t aware of the need (shoes off, etc.) in other cases the resident attempted to express a need. Liz did not summon the assistance of the resident associate, but instead personally handled each need or issue immediately. She knew these residents very well too, as she addressed them each respectfully by name and made them feel secure. Leading by example encourages others to do the right thing. It was obvious that the staff I witnessed that day follows Liz’s examples. I felt that the residents were loved and cared for by everyone, even those in the highest positions of leadership.

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