Snowblower, Shovels, and Salt, Oh My!

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Community: Williamstown

Submitted by: Mary Jane Eicke

Department: Leadership/Wellness

Nominees: Our Entire Wonderful Staff

As the entire leadership team and associates watched the progression of a significant snow event, we immediately went into to PLANNING MODE!!!!! What do we need to do to take care of our residents? An inventory of food, water, sleeping accommodations, generator functionality, supplemental lighting, and more was taken. Staffing was reviewed, our snow removal contractor notified of the importance of clearing our lot, and our snow blowers, shovels, and salt were all accounted for. Resident associates willingly agreed to sleep over to care for the residents. Dietary staff were scheduled for the long week-end ahead to provide appropriate food and nutrition for everyone.

As the ED, I was provided a nice room for my first snow fall at Juniper Village. My accommodations were next to the laundry, and I now realize that the staff utilize the washer and dryer all night.  I could account for this by the roaring of the water for each load done. I had a bird’s eye view of the parking lot, which I monitored through the night for safety.  The next day consisted of having associates picked up to relieve those who worked throughout the day, and reassuring residents that we were safe, and there was no need for concern.  The only thing missing from their routine was their newspapers.

Sunday brought sunshine and clear roads.  Everyone that was scheduled to report for work arrived on time and in good spirit. The staff that had camped out over the week-end were happy to hear that they could return home at last. That afternoon, the staff were treated to a nice Italian lunch in appreciation of all their efforts. We survived the blizzard, and what made it even more important to me, was on my way out Sunday afternoon, one of the residents come up to me and stated, “Thank you for being here and taking care of us through this storm!”  This meant everything to me.

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