Celebration of a Beautiful Team Member in Williamstown

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Community: Williamstown

Submitted by: Teasha McAllister

Department: Dining

Nominee: Lynette Jones

It has been my joy to work with Lynette Jones, a Cook in the Dining Services Team.  Lynette is the beautiful smile that welcomes each resident, as well as team members and families early in the mornings each day!  As residents make their way each morning to the Dining Room, there, through the window they will be met with Lynette’s radiant smile, preparing their special breakfast to start their day!  Lynette always shines, and she keeps her kitchen in pristine status.  Lynette shares her spirit and strong faith with her team and residents as she does her best to bring delectable breakfast experiences to them each morning.  It is my joy to work with Lynette Jones, and her faith, spirit, and smile are a source of great inspiration to all!

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