Dedication To Well Being of Residents

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Community: Williamstown

Submitted by: Teasha McAllister

Department: Connections

Nominee: Stephanie Crivero

Stephanie Crivero happened to come to one of our Annual Shredder Events, and we met, and had a great conversation!  She had a wonderful time at the event, and really enjoyed engaging with our residents.  I saw she had a beautiful way with our residents, and we continued to chat.  Before she left, Stephanie asked me if we had any openings for a part time position. She said she would love the opportunity to dedicate herself to bringing joy and increasing well-being for residents.  She had also experienced the devastation Alzheimer’s brings to a person and to their entire family.  She told me that she would love to be able to help in some way.

Of course, we immediately began the hiring process, and brought Stephanie on board in our Connections Department!  Stephanie has been here for several years now with exemplary service to all of our residents, families, and team.  Stephanie shines her light to everyone she comes in contact with, and has been fulfilling the purpose she described to me at our Annual Shredder Event years before, when she just came to safely shred her documents.

It fills my heart with joy to meet such wonderful people in the world, and to have built a beautiful relationship with such a very special woman!  It is our joy to have Stephanie in our Connections Department.

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