Extra Mile for Memorable Dining Experiences

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Community: Lebanon

Submitted by: Ray Krueger

Department: Dining

Nominee: Tina Garloff

Tina always makes the dining experience great for the residents.  She adds personal touches to each meal by creating special side dishes, and by going the extra mile to make things better tasting and visually more appealing.   She really shines when she does special events.  When she is in charge of the food for an event, we can rest assured that everything will go smoothly.

When Tina creates special salads, meals, and individual desserts, the residents feel that they are special.  The residents love the personal touch Tina delivers at each meal.   The Leadership Team knows that they can count on Tina to do a great job with special events.

It is gratifying to see someone who takes so much pride in taking care of our residents.  It is something that she tries to spread to all associates in all departments.   The Leadership Team knows that they can concentrate on other aspects of a special event because the food is well taken care of by Tina.

Tina’s excellent work ethic is brought to my attention whenever I am in contact with residents and at Food Committee meetings.  They all have great things to say about her.  We also receive many positive comments at special events that involve food which Tina has prepared.

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