Getting to Know You…Getting to Know All About You…

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Community: Williamstown

Submitted by: Mary Jane Eicke

Department: Connections

Nominee: Teasha McAllister

Teasha developed a relationship with a resident who was having difficulty adjusting to our community.  He was aggressive at times, and was often exit seeking. Teasha took time to meet with him several times a day to establish a trusting relationship with him. She persevered so that eventually he was less aggressive and more comfortable with his surroundings. Knowing how much he enjoyed being outdoors, she introduced other residents with similar interests to participate in maintaining the garden at our facility; this lessened his anxiety and assisted in developing a social relationship with his peers. There were times when the only person he would speak with or confide in was Teasha.

As a result of Teasha’s commitment to this resident, he has adjusted well to his environment. Had it not been for her kindness and patience, this gentleman would not have adjusted as well as he did. It was heart-warming to see how this resident developed a relationship with Teasha, and how she assisted him in becoming an amicable, cooperative resident. It was quite noticeable that staff and management noticed all the effort and energy that Teasha had invested in trying to provide quality to this man’s life in Juniper Village.

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