Little Bunny Foo Foo

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Community: Lebanon

Submitted by: Rebecca Duke

Department: Wellness

Nominee: Colette Stroh

Although Colette is a rather new addition to the staff of Juniper Village at Lebanon, she comes with years of experience and a passion for her job in the Wellness department.  She is constantly thinking of ways to bring new experiences to the residents, and recently she brought her baby bunnies in for a visit.  Only a few weeks old, the bunnies were adorable, and the residents could easily hold them on their laps.  Some even fell asleep on the residents!  Colette was especially pleased to see a huge smile on the face of one particular resident.  Just the night before, this man was having a very difficult time, and Colette spent quite a bit of time trying to calm him down by talking to him.  She offered to try to get his doctor appointment moved sooner, which seemed to appease him at the time.  However, after a lengthy visit with the bunnies, he said, “You know, I think I can wait until my regular appointment.  You don’t need to call my doctor anymore.” Even Colette was surprised at the therapeutic effect that the baby bunnies had on this resident who had been so distraught only 12 hours previously.  All of the residents were just infatuated with the adorable black and white bunnies, which were all soon to be going to their new homes.

As a member of the Connections department, I am always pleased to see people from other departments go the extra mile and go above and beyond their departments to provide a unique experience for the residents.  I appreciate Colette’s enthusiasm and her willingness to do a lot of extra work to bring her rabbits to work with her, so that the residents can enjoy a special time with the rabbits.  I am so glad that Colette is part of the Juniper Village at Lebanon team! There was lots of feedback, which was shown in the smiling faces of all of the residents in the lobby that day!  Any visitors that happened to be in the building that day certainly could feel the joy that filled our building!

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