Spontaneous Celebration Dance Party

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Community: Brookline

Submitted by: Kaitlin Hoover

Department: Connections

Nominee: Katie Rimmer

A resident of Wellspring had been feeling down over the past couple of days. This resident brought one of his favorite CD’s to the gathering room common area where fellow Wellspring friends and Katie, one of our Connections Associates, were listening to music and chatting. With CD in hand, this resident was in a nearby room observing the happenings with a somewhat somber look on his face. With a big smile, Katie invited him over and asked to see what he had in his hands. When he presented this item, Katie found that it was a Toby Keith CD that he had brought out from his room. Without hesitation, Katie asked if she could borrow the CD to share this with the rest of the Wellspring residents who were in the Gathering room at that time.

The resident agreed enthusiastically and was proud to share some of his favorite music. Once the music started to play, Katie began to dance with the resident and join in with his singing and air guitar show, which grabbed the attention of the other Wellspring staff and residents. Everyone stopped to watch, and Katie began to line dance for the crowd. Soon after, everyone started to clap and cheer her on, which got more residents and staff to join in on the dancing, clapping, and singing. In no time, the entire gathering room and all of the folks passing by had to stop and get involved in all of the fun. The fun and spontaneous nature of this was too contagious for anyone to ignore. It filled everyone’s heart with happiness and turned this particular resident’s frown upside down as he was proud to share his music with fellow friends. What a moment to witness! Katie is also one of our newest Connections Associates at Wellspring, and it just goes to show how wonderful of an addition she truly is to the Wellspring family. Thanks for all of your positive energy towards the staff and residents of Wellspring.

It warmed my heart to see how Katie goes above and beyond to deliver a personalized experience in order to lift the spirits of an individual resident by bringing the entire Wellspring family, staff and residents, together over this resident’s favorite music. To know that she is able to “go with the flow” and create this kind of moment without preparation makes me feel so lucky to have such a wonderful Connections Associate on the Wellspring team. Juniper Bucks were given, and a fellow Connections Associate stated to our Connections Director that she aspires to take bits and pieces from Katie and apply it to the way that she interacts with Wellspring residents. Our Connections Director stated to Katie how special of a moment she created and that it looked like the entire gathering room was having a blast!

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