Summer Kickoff Cook-Out

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Community: Lebanon

Submitted by: Lindsay Bender

Department: Leadership

Nominee: Joan-Marie Norman

On Monday, June 20th, Joan-Marie scheduled a cook-out for employees to kickoff summer.  She had her husband, Chuck come in and grill hot dogs, hamburgers, and chicken for the masses.  Her daughter, Michelle, also came and had a real snow cone machine and theater popcorn machine!  Joan-Marie also had a prize wheel where everyone was a winner, whether a candy bar or gift card, everyone received at least 1 prize.  She also encouraged everyone to wear our new “Juniper Giraffe” t-shirts.  The residents loved the new shirts and everyone’s spirits lifted by the events of the day.

As the Executive Director, Joan-Marie is undoubtedly a very busy person.  Also, recently becoming a Grandma to her first Grandson, she’s very busy outside Juniper Village at Lebanon.  In spite of her overbooked home and work schedules, she took the time to plan and execute this cookout, making our staff feel appreciated and encouraged to Nurture our Residents’ Spirits even more!

As a Leadership Team Member here at Juniper Village at Lebanon, we don’t have too many events specifically for the staff.  We do a few small gestures at each monthly meeting (heroes of the month) but due to all of our very busy schedules, we don’t take the time to treat ourselves.  Joan-Marie planned this cook-out and made sure everyone was able to take a break to grab some wonderful food and treats and enjoy the camaraderie of their fellow co-workers.  It reminded me of the joy and the feeling of home I have working at Juniper and the great family I have with the Staff and Residents.

Many of the co-workers thanked Joan-Marie and her family personally.  Several Residents commented on our “casual” attire for the day, saying they think we should dress that way more often as it made them as comfortable as we felt!

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