Team Work From The Top

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Community: Cape Coral

Submitted by: Daisy Godbee

Department: Leadership

Nominees: Katie Castro, Jennifer Harris, Don Breneman


The bond that is within our community is indescribable, from the Leadership Team to our team members, our residents, families and volunteers; as changes come, sometimes it is a difficult thing to experience. Support at this time is VERY important. We at Juniper Village of Cape Coral would like to take this time to share our deepest gratitude to some of our amazing members from our Home Office.

Katie Castro, Executive Director in Training, was an inspiration with new and fresh suggestions. Her passion for our residents was evident from day one, jumping in to any challenges that were present at any given time and always with a smile, assisting in many departments. At our 9th annual Senior Olympics, Katie assisted our monarch of our building, Lorena, who is at the wonderful age of 107. Lorena shared with me that with the assistance from Katie, she thoroughly enjoyed the event. The list would be endless of how much her presence touched everyone. Thank you Katie!!!

Don Breneman was truly a gem in sharing his wealth of knowledge with us. Ensuring us that he was here in whatever our needs were for that time. We took advantage of that offering and had him assist us in our Senior Olympics. Don met many of our residents and listened as they shared their stories with him.

Jennifer Harris was and is an inspiration. She did not hesitate to offer her services in whatever or where ever she was needed; coming out during mealtimes to chat with our residents, meeting our newest team members, making it a point to meet the families of our residents. With all of the challenges and responsibilities Jennifer has, she made it a point to assist in one of our very successful activities, our Eatable Arrangements class. Jennifer jumped in and took on the job of slicing and shaping many of our fruits and cheeses. She came in and assisted with our residents when the class was over.

As the saying goes “We Lead By Example,” and it certainly was displayed by these three leaders. It was heartwarming and rewarding to see that they were willing and able to share some of their valuable time with our residents and team members. Thank you!!!!

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