True Heroes

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Community: Mount Joy

Submitted by: Debra Miller

Department: Wellness

Nominees: Kerri Colta, Emily Reese, and Tiffany Sandlin

We all know that none of us want to deal with a fire emergency in our community, and in the years I have been at Juniper we have never experienced one. It was a Monday evening at 8:30 pm, and all the residents were settled in for the evening. Kerri, one of our Wellness associates, was doing her rounds and smelled what seemed to be burning plastic. As she walked down the hall to investigate, there was smoke filling the hallway. At that very minute, she jumped into action, finding the small fire in one of the resident’s rooms and evacuating him. She then notified the entire team that they were going to do a full evacuation, and, of course, called 911. Although the fire was small and the fire department only used about a gallon of water to put out the fire, it was paramount that her training and quick response got everyone to safety. She took charge and accomplished the most important challenge to make sure the residents and the staff were safe. The fire company praised the response of Kerri and the team. The residents also have a deep appreciation now of why we do fire drills monthly in order to keep everyone safe. Thank you to Kerri and the entire 3-11 team who above all got the residents to safety. We never know when an emergency can occur, but I feel very proud that their quick action was a true example of why we do such extensive training for our staff. Thank you Kerri, Emily, Tiffany and Yenni!

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