Calming Presence

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Community: Williamstown

Submitted by: Mary Jane Eicke

Department: Environmental Services

Nominee: Loretta Doherty

A resident was upset that she had things in her room that she believed were not hers. Loretta took the time to sit and discuss what she felt was not hers. As they sat comfortably in the living room, Loretta took each item and asked if it belonged to the resident. This process took at least 30 minutes, but at no time did Loretta rush this resident or dispute her claim. At the end of the conversation, the resident hugged Loretta and thanked Loretta for straightening things out for her. The resident was satisfied, and returned to her room. Later that day, the family visited and explained where the items came from. The resident was excited with her new found gifts. Thanks to Loretta, this resident was spared being stressed until her family arrived. This is when the Juniper philosophy is made real!

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