From Tears to Laughter

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Community: Williamstown

Submitted by: Mary Jane Eicke

Department: Wellness

Nominee: Rascheka Smith

One of our residents was having a really bad day! She was crying and insisting we call her parents. There was not consoling her at that point; that is until Rascheka approached her. Rasheka requested that the resident teach Rascheka how to decorate a box that the resident stated she needed for an Easter gift. Soon, they were both cutting out decorative paper and pasting it to a box, and the tears turned to laughter! Both the resident and Rascheka were applauding how nice the box had turned out and discussing where they were going to put it so everyone could see their finished product. It was so nice to see Rascheka assess the situation, and immediately know what she could do to resolve it. This is an attribute that is innate in our Juniper employees, and it makes my job so gratifying!

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