Smile While You Work

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Community: Chatham

Submitted by: Ellen Reggiani

Department: Wellness

Nominee: Nadeze Edmond

Nadeze has always been a skilled and competent resident associate. However, I noticed that she rarely smiled, which was also mentioned by others. I decided I would sit down with Nadeze to see if I could help in anyway. I told her that she looked unhappy, and I even asked if she liked her job. She did like her job and did not believe that she rarely smiled which gave off that impression to others. Now, Nadeze always has a smile on her face. In fact, she smiles so often it’s contagious. It made me feel good knowing that having that simple conversation brought to Nadeze’s attention something she didn’t previously know, but chose to correct. Staff and residents both have commented on how Nadeze was changed. The residents under her care are always speaking very highly of her.

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