“New” Bus Driver

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Community: Cape Coral

Submitted by: Daisy Godbee

Department: Connections

Nominee: Vianka Vitier

Being part of our Juniper family for almost 2 years, and working in our Wellness Department, Vianka has always succeeded in being a team player. There is no job too big or too small for her to take on. Her pride in making sure our resident’s appearance is up to her standards is always evident. Recently Vianka transferred to Transportation as our bus driver. Our residents were so happy to hear the great news. If it is possible to imagine, the smile on Vianka’s face was fuller than usual. She was so happy to hear about her new position that she brought her family by Juniper to show them the bus she would be driving. Her dedication for the care of our residents is still obvious. When she is not busy driving the bus, or assisting in activities, she visits with our ladies and does their nails. Vianka takes the initiative to jump in to help in all departments when she sees she is needed. It is a pleasure to work with someone with such a positive attitude and who shows so much compassion to our residents. Vianka truly shares her passion for Well-Being.

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