Fishawack Day Chatham

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Community: Chatham

Submitted by: Linda Prescott

Department: Business Office

Nominees: Hector Perez, John Holmes

Recently, Juniper Village at Chatham hosted a booth at the Fishawack Day Chatham Resting & Promotional Areas. Hector and John worked the night before loading the Juniper van with some items needed for the next day’s event. The morning of the event, they were back at 7:30 am, loading the van with additional items. Bales of hay were provided for Juniper, so Hector and John arranged them to create a seating area. They worked with the DC and Concierge putting up tents, carting boxes and chairs, and setting up promotional items for the table display. At the end of day, took everything down and brought it all back to Juniper. All I can say is “WOW”! Hector and John are always there for Juniper, staff and residents. They are continually helpful and courteous and everything they do. Our Juniper tent looked beautiful! People stopped by our “resting area,” sat awhile, had a bottle of cold water supplied by Juniper, and told us how much they appreciated what we did. The resting area was a HUGE hit and we were asked to do it again next year.

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