Works With Her Heart

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Community: Chatham

Submitted by: Ellen Reggiani

Department: Dining

Nominee: Debbie George

I stopped in the break room and saw Debbie taking a break. I began to talk to her to get to know her since she is new to Juniper Village and wanted to make her feel welcomed. I asked her how things were going and her response was one that still makes me smile when I think of it. She smiled wider than she usually does and said, “Oh Ellen, I have had many jobs but none to compare. I wake up happy knowing that I am coming to Juniper Village. It is a job I truly love and I love what I do helping others and everyone is so nice and I especially love the residents.” I remember thinking to myself that this young lady is very special and Juniper Village is very lucky to have her as an employee. She truly cares about the residents as evidence by how she interacts with them and the time she spends with them getting to know them. I shared this with her supervisor, Frank, and he said, “Anyone can learn to do a job, but to enjoy what you are doing and do it well you have to work with your heart, and that is what Debbie does. She works with her heart.”

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