About The Juniper Experience

The Juniper Experience is about being present to hear needs, understand them and meet them—all in a way which fosters healthy bodies, engaged minds and fulfilled spirits. It is about nurturing the spirit of life so that we all feel fully alive, regardless of our season of life.

The Juniper Experience is delivered by incredible people who make up the Juniper Family of Associates. It is our people who create the relationships that understand the personal desires and needs of our customers. It is our people who take the time and do whatever it takes to deliver that personalized experience.

We have often spoken of the “what, why and how” at Juniper, the words which help us remember who we are, what we do and why we do it; the words that define our culture — our words and actions that say “we are Juniper”! Now, we want to go a step further to assure that our everyday behaviors identify clearly, in word and deed, just what the Juniper Experience is.

Together, we nurture the spirit of life. This is the mindset we come to work with each and every day. It is our reference point for making decisions. It is our mantra!

Together we share our stories in nurturing the spirit of life in each individual we touch! The Juniper Experience is strengthened and celebrated if we share the stories about the values and behaviors that make our mission come alive! Our stories provide the fuel we need to support each other and share the Juniper Experience with others. Please take time to share your special stories so that together, we nurture the spirit of life.

What:  The Juniper Experience is an extension of the Juniper Culture and as such defines the values and behaviors that allow us to feel the Juniper difference

Why:  Juniper understands the importance of clarifying the values and behaviors for a culture and also celebrating the people who bring that culture to life and make the Juniper Experience vibrant and life affirming

How: Through a comprehensive program that consists of:

  • A clear and identifiable Mindset, Values and Behaviors all Juniper team members exemplify and do each and every day
  • An Associate Survey that measures satisfaction and engagement in the Juniper culture
  • A vehicle to promote the celebration of associates living the Juniper Culture through storytelling and the sharing of these stories
  • Outcome measurement to ensure that our communities are living the Juniper Experience