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Best Nurse Ever at Williamstown

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Community:  Williamstown

Submitted by:  Maria Ciocca

Department:  Wellness

Nominee:  Leslie Drummond

Leslie Drummond has taught our staff a beautiful message about death and dying.  Williamstown is a place to come live and enjoy quality life.  She points out to our staff that end of life is a natural ocurrence and we need to embrace it and not be fearful.  It is because of Leslie’s leadership  that all of the staff have become insync with the needs of our residents at the end of life.  Leslie ensures that all departments are aware of someone who is at the end stages of life.  This week one of our residents “Maria” of 9 years passed away peacefully.  Leslie took the time to reiterate the story of Maria’s life and many staff from all shifts were sure to kiss Maria farewell.  Even our house dog Gunner was by her side kissing her cheek.  Leslie has demonstrated the circle of life to all who work and live and Juniper Village at Williamstown and it has brought our staff peace and unity.

Best Friends at Mount Joy!

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Community:  Mount Joy

Submitted by:  Debra Miller

Department:  Wellness

Nominee:  Veronica

Veronica’s best friend is Pauline and Veronica and Pauline have bonded in a very special way. Often on Veronica’s day off she brings her daughter Addy to see her whom she loves to visit with but the most important thing Pauline likes to do is just do a “girl day” with Veronica. Veronica brings her foot spa in and she soaks Pauline’s feet and they talk about all kind of girl stuff and just chat. They love just talking and looking through magazines and they genuiniely love each other’s company. After they chat awhile Veronica drys of Pauline’s tootsies and gives her a great foot rub and Pauline is just so grateful for the special attention that Veronica shows to her. They have a date every Thursday at 6:30 and that is their time to just catch up on things and Pauline gets pampered. Veronica says that the best part of it for her is that she gets to listen to Pauline’s great stories and they get to laugh together and have fun! Best friends and laughter it just does not get any better!!!



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Community:  Shenango

Submitted by:  Mary Bennett

Department:  Resident Services

Nominee:  Karen Hunter

Karen Hunter is a long time associate at Juniper Village at the Shenango Inn. As an aide in dining, she comes in every day and diligently works at serving the residents meals and keeping the dining room clean while also battling her own demon; cancer. Less than a year ago, she approached our Executive Director, Mary Bennett, and shared with her that she was no longer able to care for her mother and wanted to move her into our community and entrust her care to us. As an adult child caring for her mother and also fighting cancer, it speaks volumes that she believes in our community so much that she wanted her mother to live here to be taken care of by her fellow workers so that she could remain strong and fight her own battle while still working. The “TRUST” that Karen placed in our associates, our community, and our company is the highest form of a compliment that anyone could ever receive. We wish the best for Karen on her own journey and thank her for allowing us, without hesitation, to take care of her mother during the years that mean so much to all of us with aging parents. To you Karen, we say “Thank You”.


Murinda Stands in the Gap

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Community:  Naples

Submitted by:  Cindy Longfellow

Department:  Leadership

Nominee:  Murinda Lowthorp

During a period of transition to a new ED, Murinda showed her true colors.  She remained a positive presence in the community, continually boosting morale among staff and reassuring families that the transition would be a smooth one.  Murinda countered any fears and negativity around the transition by sharing our Juniper mission of nurturing the spirit of life, which she knew would remain front and center through the changes and under new leadership.