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Positive Attitude Is Contagious

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Community: Cape Coral

Submitted by: Daisy Godbee

Department: Leadership

Nominee: Geneva Tucker

Wikipedia’s definition of a Business Office Manager: A Business office manager is responsible for monitoring and reviewing systems, usually focusing on specific outcomes such as improved timescales, turnover, output, sales, etc. They may supervise, schedule training, and issuing assignments and projects. As such the role is varied, often including responsibilities across a diverse range of functions.

These would be some of the many roles our business office manager plays, but the many hats that Geneva wears do not stop at what is described above. She is a team player and gets involved with all of our residents on a daily basis. Whether it is in assisting a resident to a meal, or dancing with them at happy hour, she is always present. Geneva is very encouraging to our team members. She takes the time out from her busy and hectic day to help all of us in any way. It is a pleasure to work with someone with such a positive attitude.

Working At Juniper Village Is One Of The Greatest Blessings…

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Community: Spearly Center

Submitted by: Susan Pappas

Department: Social Services

Nominee: Prince Sarpong

Sentiments from Prince Sarpong:

I am thankful for the obvious blessings in life such as good health, family, and financial stability. My workplace is also one of my greatest blessings. Work is hard, but I always enjoy my work.

I have been working for The Spearly Center for 3 years. My initial interview was one of my life’s most encouraging moments. The director of nursing took the time to educate me on all the opportunities available to me as a young, aspiring health care professional. I have twice been promoted in my 3 years at Spearly. I look forward to training someday as an AIT.

I still feel like the sky is the limit here. It makes sense to me when I hear how long some of my colleagues have worked at Spearly. Opportunity for growth is just one of the reasons. Support to help you succeed, a friendly workforce, and much more are also reasons. I know that in 20 years when my kids decide to work in healthcare, I will be at Juniper Village – The Spearly Center with my arms ready to welcome them to this great place to work!

As the NHA, I was very moved and appreciative of Prince’s sentiments.

Pinch Runner

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Community: Meadville

Submitted by: Monica Blood

Department: Leadership

Nominee: Debra Hosick

Transitions can be hard at times, but it is always wonderful when you have someone who will step up to the plate and give it their all when needed. Debra has worked for Juniper for several years in our wellness department as a Med Tech and has always stood out and done an exceptional job. We are currently in between DOWs and Debra has stepped up and taken responsibility for the wellness department in the meantime. Debra possesses so many characteristics that truly embody Juniper’s Mission and philosophy.

Debra has been doing an exceptional job and goes above and beyond every day for the Leadership Team, the associates, families, and ultimately our residents. Debra is learning so much and she has recently applied to LPN school so that she can one day continue growing with Juniper.

It is hard to put into words how truly grateful I am for Debra and the dedication she has shown to not only Juniper, but to our Meadville Team. Debra is someone I truly see going far in life and I am proud to mentor her and push her to get through nursing school and do great things both personally and professionally.

The entire team at our community notices how great of a job Debra has been doing as do the residents and families. Everyone is so happy to have her on our team and knows she is a true asset to us all.

Outstanding New Employee

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Community: Williamstown

Submitted by: Ellen Richardson

Department: Wellness

Nominee: Sarah Buri

Sarah Buri is a new employee, who started March 8, 2016. Already, I can tell she is a very dedicated and kind employee. Within two weeks of being employed, she had finished all of her Relias coursework on her own. She takes her job very seriously. In all the years I have been here, this is the first I have seen an employee complete the course in this time frame and have no miss punches. She reaches out to her co-workers, and, most important, her residents. When asked to fill-in she is there to fill in the gab. To this this day she is still filling in for whoever asks her to work for them. She just doesn’t have the heart to say no. The other day, for the first time, she had to say no because she had a doctor appointment, and she came to me because she felt really bad. I told her it was okay. I am very proud of her and have not heard one bad response back about her. I think this makes her an outstanding employee.

Team Player Climbing the Ladder

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Community: Cape Coral

Submitted by: Lisa Mason

Department: Dining

Nominee: Letisia Bonilla

Sometimes it takes a village to recognize the proper fit. With that, I would love to share with you about one of our exceptional employees “Lety” Bonilla. Lety started working at Juniper Village in January of 2011. She was initially hired to work in our housekeeping department. Having the outgoing personality that she has, our residents fell in love with her. Lety knew who liked what, where, and how. Sometimes, however she would be needed in other departments. She enjoyed filling in as concierge when needed. Nothing held her back from assisting in our Wellness department. Lisa, our director of dietary services, had an opening as a server. Lety was very interested and agreed to try that hat on. At last, this was going to be her permanent home. Learning our residents preferences came so natural to her. Her laughter in the dining room was contagious. Our residents enjoyed the newest member to the dietary department. Lety was just recently promoted to one of our cooks. The pride on her face was indescribable. I must share that Lety has refused to work in only one department. Maintenance you are on your own!!!

Merry Christmas Gift!

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Community: Lebanon

Submitted by: Rebecca Duke

Department: Business Office

Nominee: Lindsay Bender

Our co-worker Lindsay Bender, the Business Office Assistant, made our Christmas at Juniper Village at Lebanon a little more exciting by placing a very large and mysterious wrapped gift under the Christmas tree in The Village.  We forgot to open it during the excitement of our Christmas party and Open House, and we still forgot to open it on Christmas morning.  Finally on the afternoon of New Year’s Eve, we remembered about the special gift that Lindsay and her two daughters had so lovingly chosen and wrapped just for us, and we tore into it with all of the excitement of Christmas morning. Just like those Christmas mornings from long ago, the gift was a special game, electronic tabletop bowling, complete with all of the bells and whistles and sound effects of the bowling alley!  Luckily, Lindsay was there to help us assemble our new game and to supply us with all of the many needed batteries. (Lindsay is always the one we go to for tech help!)  Very soon, we had everything assembled, found just the right table, and the contest began!  We took turns bowling all afternoon! The smiles and laughter from our residents were all the feedback we needed that day!  I’m sure we will get many more years of games with our newest addition at Juniper Village at Lebanon.

Lindsay’s daughters are planning to challenge our residents some afternoon, if they ever get a snow day!  Many thanks to Lindsay and her family for their amazing thoughtfulness and generosity! I feel so blessed to work with co-workers like Lindsay, who go the extra mile and sincerely care about the residents at Juniper Village.  I know that the residents appreciate her caring presence at the Front Desk every day as well.  She is the perfect person to be greeting everyone as they come in the front door, as she always has a smile on her face and in her voice as she answers our phones.

Service with a Smile!

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Community: Chatham

Submitted by: Stephanie Bovayo

Department: Dining

Nominee: Baynee Persaud

Baynee gives excellent service to our residents in the dining room by providing them exactly what they want, often before they even ask. He truly takes the time to get to know all the residents and makes them feel special by being so attentive to their individual needs. He makes the residents feel happy, and it is clear that they enjoy staying in the dining room when Baynee is working. Moreover, he does it all with a bright smile and warmth that is just infectious!

Furthering Her Education to Better Serve Others

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Community: Cape Coral

Submitted by: Brenda Ortiz

Department: Wellness

Nominee: Mabel Sosa

I wanted to take this opportunity to recognize one of our dedicated team members.  Mabel has been part of the Juniper Team since July 28th, 2011.  4 years is remarkable as we all know how difficult our wellness associate’s positions truly are!!  Mabel recently has taken on a new endeavor that I want to share with each and every one of you.  Mabel has decided to attend nursing school at Cape Coral Technical Institute.  Her classes begin in January of 2016 and will take a year to complete!  Kudos to her!!!

Anyone who knows Mabel knows she has a sincere caring and compassion for all our residents here at Juniper Village.   As we also know it takes a very special person to exude these qualities.  She feels at this time in her life her calling is nursing and was inspired by a local Hospice Nurse, Carol Sazy, and also our very own Jaritza Smith ARNP.

Mabel is originally from Brownsville Texas and has lived in Cape Coral since 1995.  Mabel is a mother of 3 beautiful, intelligent children.  Her passion is family and Mabel treats our residents like they are part of her extended family always caring and going that extra mile to please them.  As busy as she is, as any parent would know, raising children and working full time is difficult at times, however, Mabel always seems to find time to visit our residents even at the hospitals and rehabs!  Oh, and yes, let’s not forget Mabel’s favorite hobby….playing practical jokes on fellow staff members.  I think we all have been part of those times and have had a lot of laughs!!

We will stand behind her and support her journey and inspire her drive to succeed.  Mabel, we are extremely proud of you for the road you are about to travel!

All of Us at Juniper Wish You All the Best In Your New Endeavor!

Caring for Each Other

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Community: Chatham

Submitted by: Chiquela Denis

Department: Dining

Nominee: Max Jeanty

On Sunday I was not feeling well and Max noticed. Throughout the day he kept checking on me to see if I was okay. He was very caring and nice the whole time. He is always nice like this but this day he was even more caring. I really felt like he cared and it’s good to have a friend who looks out for you the way he does. It made me feel that he actually cared even though it doesn’t involve him or the job. He is a really good friend.


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Community: Chatham

Submitted by: Carol Vitale

Department: Dining

Nominee: Chiquela Denis

Chiquela is good with the residents. Sometimes our residents get confused and order more than one dinner. In that case, Chiquela will go to the resident and ask, “did you enjoy the meatloaf or is the spaghetti your favorite?” and then she chooses the meal based upon their response. The residents are very happy and she sets a good example of how to treat residents with respect and dignity. The residents all love her!