Our Values and the Behaviors which bring them to life

We Deliver a Personalized Experience

1. Make eye contact, smile, and greet others by name.
2. Learn about, share and deliver on individual preferences.
3. Anticipate needs and exceed customer expectations.

We Share our Passion for Well-Being

4. Understand and communicate the services Juniper provides.
5. Share your knowledge and expertise.
6. Proactively seek the information you need to be the best.

We Collaborate for the Common Good

7. Take time to ask questions of, listen to, and understand others.
8. Appreciate and acknowledge the contributions of others.
9. Proactively help and support others to achieve Juniper goals

We Lead By Example

10. Speak positively about Juniper and the people who live and work there.
11. Do what we say we will do.
12. Hold important conversations when needed.
13. Communicate in an appropriate, open, honest, and thoughtful manner.

We are Accountable for Results

14. Anticipate possible problems and take action to solve them.
15. Actively participate in Juniper Signature Programs
16. Follow Juniper policies and procedures.
17. Be responsible with Juniper resources.
18. Follow up to ensure issues have been addressed.