Storytelling Tips

Storytelling/Storywriting Tips

  • Keep the mindset, Together, we nurture the spirit of life and the specific 18 Juniper behaviors in mind when telling your story.
  • Be clear and concise
  • Use visuals to create a picture
  • Make your story relevant, authentic and intriguing
  • Remember the elements of a story:  The context of the story (the who, where, when); the action of the story (the  how); and the result of the story (the what)
  • Write values in action stories.  These stories can reinforce the values that we want our associates to demonstrate and think about; stories that demonstrate and exemplify our branded behaviors.  They can depict instances where the associate has gone “above and beyond”

Examples of Stories for each of the Juniper Values:

We Deliver a Personalized Experience:  A story depicting a Connections Associate who arranged for a resident to fulfill a life-long dream of riding a motorcycle.

We Share our Passion for Well-Being:  A story depicting a Resident Associate speaking at a local club to which they belong about the services and care available at Juniper Village.

We Collaborate for the Common Good:  A story depicting how  associates from Dietary Associate, Housekeeping, Wellness and the Business Office joined together and raised money for the Alzheimer’s Association Memory Walk.

We Lead by Example:  A story depicting how a Leadership Team Member holds daily meetings with their department to discuss the Juniper Experience mindset, values and behaviors.

We are Accountable for Results:  A story depicting how a Housekeeping Associate headed up the Green Team and organized a major, wide-spread recycling project for the community.